Trekking Within
     Your Soul-Directed Journey
I Am One Who believes I must go within in order to find my way out.

I Am One Who believes if I seek I will find.

I Am One Who believes my creator meets me in the rich darkness of my soul.

I Am One Who 
is supported by the Spirit of Other Women.
I Am One Who
cries to 
closed ears.
I Am One Who is a Warrior Woman.
The Principles of SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process with just a few requirements to follow when using it or talking about it with others. There are certain elements that should be included in SoulCollage work, such as non-competitive artistic expression and the "I Am One Who..." exercise. SoulCollage cards are for personal and inner exploration. They are to be shared, but not to be sold, traded, or bartered.

For a full description of these guidelines, please read The Principles of SoulCollage, written by SoulCollage author, Seena B. Frost.

If you bring forth
what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. 
If you do not bring forth 
what is within you, 
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.  

~ from the Gospel of Thomas
I Am One Who has kept my light hidden long enough.

I Am One Who has searched my own darkness and found God's love and light within.

I Am One Who, now that I've discovered my own light, must take it out into the world.

I Am One Who is a Light Bearer.
Honor your journey 
and your journey will honor you!
Go out into the highways and by-ways.
Give the people something of your new vision.
You may possess a small ight,
but uncover it, let it shine,
use it in order to bring more light
and understanding
to the hearts and minds of men and women.
Give them not hell, but hope and courage.
Preach the kindness and
everlasting love of God.
~ John Murray

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own. 
~ Ben Sweetland

Deep Gratitude . . .

For believing in me, encouraging me and supporting me time and again:

Salina Arts & Humanities Commission
Horizons Grant

For providing a wonderful PowerPoint
Mobile Unit for use in my presentations:
Salina Area United Way

For opportunities to facilitate through CLASS
and to use the Community Learning Center
for community outreach:
Salina Public Library


A group of Americans made a trip with Brazilian natives down the Amazon River. The first day they rushed. The second day they rushed. The next day they rushed. One day, anxious to continue the trek, they were surprised to find the natives seated together in a circle.

When asked the reason for the delay, a guide answered, "They are waiting. They cannot move further until their souls have caught up with their bodies."

Do you owe yourself time to let your soul catch up with your body? -- Steve Goodier (Thank you Leah for sharing this with me!)

A SoulCollage® retreat is . . . 
relaxing, fun, adventurous, healing,
and revealing.  

SoulCollage® retreats offer time for contemplationmeditation and relaxation!

SoulCollage® retreats give you 
time away just for you, and 
encourage the discovery 
of your authentic self, self-compassion,
     Take Time To Let Your Soul Catch Up With Your Body
Supplies are minimalSoulCollage® is a responsible (think recycling) and very inexpensive way to journey. You can engage in the SoulCollage® process at home alone, with friends, at workshops or retreats. All you need are magazine images (greeting cards, calendars, etc.), glue, good scissors, pre-cut mat board and a simple cut-out frame (I use recycled material for these also), and quiet space.
The One and The Many

am both one and many, as are you.  am an individual person, but I also embrace numerous sub-personalities, or different aspects of who I am.  

Each time you recognize, acknowledge, validate,  honor and give voice to a different aspect of who you are, it opens yet one more door for you to step through and explore!  

This journey, what I often call a most intimate conversation with yourself, allows amazing opportunities for peace and healing to take place in your Soul. 
“A SoulCollage® deck is the Story of You. It is a tangible way to know yourself in your diversity and depth, and also to show yourself to others.” 
- Seena B. Frost
  Community Suit:  Sean Patrick Arey
Community Suit:
with the knowing
     in memory of my beloved nephew, Sean Patrick Arey,
     who chose to remove himself from this planet February           28, 2001
two and a half decades before this 
godawful month arrived a 
darkness gripped his neighborhood:
moms, dads, and kids of all ages search 
each white-birched, pined backyard 
near-white faces look up and down his street
wide eyes walk the edges of the lake
beneath where he sleeps at night
in his own hiding place 
his gray-streaked-black-haired mama 
finds him and weeps
yesterday I received word again
we’ve lost Sean:
my body convulses with the knowing
and I wish to God we could turn back time
to find our precious innocent one asleep
unaware that outside his very bedroom walls
the world searches for him
from the wall-less-ness of wide-sky country
I remember the black-haired baby I cuddled
the dark-eyed little boy I played with
the pimply-faced kid who saved my son
the gray-streaked-black-haired daddy of three 
and I weep and know 
how you look at a brilliant orange sun
resting at the end of the prairie
and you turn to the east         or to the north 
when maybe you shouldn’t have turned at all
because you look up a second later
and the sun’s gone
first published in The Awakenings Review
most recently publlished in Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems

The Source Card
The Oneness Beyond Dimension

When you make your Source card, it will symbolize the 
Oneness OAll Things.
That from which all things come and that to which all things return.  
Realistically, there is no image suitable for Source.  
Source is without form.  
Source remains 

The Source is the whole fabric; all else are the threads.  

~ Seena Frost

Invitation to SoulCollage® . . .

Watch these youtube presentatiions by SoulCollage® facilitators all over the world, including a 6-minute video by Seena Frost, where she talks especially to those who have never heard of SoulCollage®. Seena shows you how easy and fun it is to make a card and talks about discovering your inner wisdom.

first published in The Awakenings Review
most recently published in Begin Again:  150 Kansas Poems