I Am One Who . . .
Hazel Smith Hutchinson

I Am . . .

. . . One Who has been on an intentional journey of healing for the past twenty-five years. Early on, with a passion for poetry, I committed to write from within what wanted/needed to be written. I was encouraged by my counselor to write it all down.

. . . One Who has drawn from many sources for courage, confidence, wisdom and strength . . . leading me to this place where I'm learning to be comfortable in my beingness.

. . . One Who appreciates my broad and experiential path through therapy, numerous seminars and workshops on the healing journey, spiritual retreats in various forms and traditions.

. . . One Who has been a United Methodist since I was a little girl. I appreciate the love I have experienced within that body, which sustained me as a child and often as an adult. Still a United Methodist, I am discovering the eclectic-ism of my spirituality, believing that all faiths and philosophies have truths to offer. 

. . . One Who speaks of the Source, speaks of God, speaks of the Universe with the belief that I am speaking of the Oneness from which all comes and back to which all goes. The One Creator of all. 

. . . One Who believes we each have our own path to follow and I respect fellow seekers, even though their path may be different.

. . . One Who believes we must love others as we love ourselves. I spent much of my life not loving myself. Today I strive to see myself through the eyes of the Universe, as God sees me. I am learning to love myself and learning to love others in a healthier way.

. . . One Who spent much of my life "feeling"  and "carrying" the pain of others. Today I am choosing not to do that. 

. . . One Who believes (finally) in my own potential - and like Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz, I now know it has been here all along.

. . . One Who believes in the potential of each one of us. So much untapped potential in the world!

. . . One Who believes my task is to look at each aspect of who I am with the intention of recognizing, acknowledging, validating and honoring each one of those particularities -- no matter how wonderfilled or freightening.  Each has played an important part in my becoming who I am.

. . . One Who believes SoulCollage®, because there is no need for words, words that I often do not have, is the right path for me.

. . . One Who believes I am called to share SoulCollage® in the world, which is why you have found me here. 

. . . One Who believes perhaps you are a Trekker too.


I Am One Who is learning to see myself  the way God (Creator, One, Universe, Source) sees me.
I Am One Who was lost and is now finding my way, my own path.
Facilitator Biography:

At midlife, I am discovering myself as an artist, a poet, and a passionate ArtEnSoul™ Trekker. I thrive on adventures that take me into my own uncharted territory to unearth what begs to be revealed. The process of bringing my “find” to the surface has been transformational, often presenting itself in a collage, a poem, a bit of storytelling, or a simple painting.

Through the Salina Arts & Humanities Commission, I was a 1996 recipient of a Horizons Grant: Poetry Tutorial with Roderick Townley, and a 2006 Horizons Grant: SoulCollage® Facilitator Training with Seena Frost in California. As a member of Prairie Poets & Writers, a chapter of my poems appears in the anthology PlainSpoken: Chosen Lives, Chosen Words, which was published in 2000. Nearly 4 dozen of my poems have been chosen for publication in various anthologies and national literary journals.

My exceptionally gentle-soul-of-a-husband, "Hutch" (Marshall), allows me to grow spiritually in whatever direction the wind carries me. Hutch and I are thriving in our empty nest and are blessed in knowing we have raised two incredibly fine men.  We are also blessed in the way our sons have gifted us with two delightful daughters-in-law, an enthusiastic granddaughter, and four rambunctious grandsons!  Life is good!

My Personal SoulCollage® Group Work

My experience with and passion for this holistic healing process has inspired me to invite others to trek alongside me and personally experience this most intimate form of correspondence with Self.

Through retreat and workshop venues, I offer women a safe and sacred space in which to discover and affirm the healing potential they possess. They are gently encouraged to gather their many selves and trek within to find the coming-home awareness available through recognizing, acknowledging, validating, and honoring the many aspects of who they are.

I offer my own SoulCollage® experience and the work I’ve done as a simple model that anyone can follow, regardless of recognized education or training. When presenting the guidelines, I emphasize the freedom each of us can claim in knowing there is no wrong way to do SoulCollage® work . . . the Soul is our true guide. I love encouraging women to return to themselves!